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Cumin -- Cuminum cyminum), an important ingredient in chilis, curries, and ethnic dishes from around the world, is also highly valued as a medicinal herb. For thousands of years, herbal practitioners have used cumin, both as whole dried seeds and in its powdered form, to treat a wide variety of ailments.

Benefits include:

  • building healthy blood - Cumin is exceptionally rich in iron, making it a great natural supplement for blood health and an antidote for anemia. Increased iron makes the blood richer in hemoglobin, the substance that transports oxygen to all the cells of the body.
  • strengthening the immune system – Because of its powerful antioxidant properties, cumin strengthens the body’s natural immunities.
  • prenatal health – Cumin supports healthy prenatal development in pregnant women. It is also believed to make childbirth easier, and improves the milk supply of nursing mothers. Because it is so rich in iron, cumin is also a healthy herb for women of all ages during their menstrual cycle.
  • insomnia – Cumin seeds are a highly effective treatment for insomnia.
  • memory loss – Cumin improves memory and overall mental function, and can speed recovery from amnesia.
  • digestive function – Cumin seeds improves digestion and relieves many common digestive ailments, including flatulence (gas), bloating, diarrhea, nausea and indigestion. Cumin is believed to aid digestion by stimulating the production of pancreatic enzymes.

    Earth Properties include: Fidelity, Protection, Anti-theft

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    Cumin Seeds origin India in fresh seal packs. Ground Powder in shaker bottle