Organic German Chamomile Leaves.  
Naturally Caffeine Free
Available in 20 handcrafted teabags, or 2 oz loose fresh-seal package.

Chamomile Loose 2oz $4.00

Chamomile Tea 20 bags $5.00
Chamomile--Use in herbal tea and sachets
PDR benefits include: Antispasmotic, Calmative, Antibacterial

Chamomile!! Who Knew!! Chamomile has been found to be effective in treating stomach, intestinal, and menstrual cramps. Simply prepare one cup in the morning and one cup at night, while symptoms are present. Glycine levels are raised naturally which eases spasms.

Try Chamomile Tea bags to relieve puffiness and dark circles around your eyes. Place wet tea bags on eyes for 15 minutes before bed time.

(Matricaria recutita)
Chamomile is a cheery plant that looks and smells beautiful. It makes
a wonderful ground cover in gardens, producing a sweet scent when walked
upon. The dried herb is a great addition to eye
pillows and dream pillows, although some
people with ragweed allergies may react to chamomile.
Chamomile is a very well known herb has been used by everyone from the ancient Egyptians to modern day Peter Rabbit who is
given chamomile tea before bed. To harvest this plant, gather the flowering tops just before they fully open.
Externally chamomile can be used as a
poultice or salve to heal burns, rashes, or eczema. I also love to make a
strong infusion of this herb and add the resulting brew to my bath water.
Safe for young children, it’s often the preferred herb for a wide range
of common childhood complaints such as restlessness, colic, teething,
whining, and fevers.
Adults can also enjoy a cup of chamomile tea to soothe the nervous
system, allaying stress and irritability, and thereby promoting calmness.
Chamomile’s common genus name, Matricaria, insinuates its affinity
for women and mothers. The tea can be drunk to bring on delayed menses,
reduce uterine cramping, and relieve heartburn when pregnant.
Chamomile is easily prepared as a tea. To make it by the cup, steep
one teaspoon of dried chamomile for ten minutes. This makes a delicious
tasting tea. For a more medicinal brew you can steep it for 30 minutes.
Herbalist, Gail Faith Edwards reports in her book Opening Our Wild
Hearts to the Healing Herbs that the Inuit people used steams of chamomile
to relieve lung congestion.

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